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What Causes Water Leaks?

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

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Water leaks can occur from a number of sources both in and outside of your home. Understanding the cause of water leaks can help you be prepared for the unexpected. By carefully inspecting your home’s plumbing and adjusting the runoff grade around your home, there’s a lot you can do to help keep your home watertight.

Clogged drains and gutters

Trapped water in your gutters can cause the wood fascia boards your gutters are mounted on to rot, allowing moisture to enter your house. Additionally, the clogged debris in your gutters can cause water to sit on top of your roof that could lead to roof leakage. Although you might only consider gutter cleaning necessary once or twice a year, your home can really benefit from a monthly gutter cleaning. By doing so, you can avoid water running over the gutters and pooling next to your foundation.

Rain runoff near foundation

Rainwater can pool and saturate the soil near your foundation and could leak through holes or cracks. Keep rainwater flowing away from your home with downspout extensions. Doing so can help water from infiltrating through foundation cracks and getting into your basement.

Sump pump damage

A blocked drain hose or inlet screen on your sump pump can prevent it from working properly and could lead to a basement flood. A key way to prevent expensive water damage is to be sure that your sump pump is operating correctly. Mark your calendar and inspect your sump pump.

Plumbing lines

Broken seals, corrosion and loose water connections in the plumbing can cause water leaks. By checking in frequently with your home’s plumbing lines, you’ll be better able to locate water leak issues as they surface. Many times, the key to preventing water damage is to catch it early where a nominal repair can save from a major expense.

Damaged roof

Broken or missing shingles, cracked flashing and damaged vent booting are all common culprits that can cause your home’s roof to leak. One way that big water damage issues occur to homes is through the roof. By monitoring and replacing the components of your roof, you’ll help to prevent water damage to your roof that can sometimes go unnoticed. Another key way to keep your roof healthy is to manage ice dams by preventing ice buildup during the winter months.

Untamed vegetation and soil

It’s important to look for any roots from trees or plants that could wrap themselves around your exterior pipes causing damage. To prevent water from pooling near your home’s foundation and leaking in, ramp the soil down and away from the house to help with runoff.

Broken appliances

Home appliances keep your home humming along — they’re also the leading cause of in-home water damage. Check and maintain your appliances regularly, especially washing machines and refrigerators.

-Information provided by American Family Insurance.

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